The Dream Fire

Chapter I
The Stone of the Dead God

Year 312

King Sullon, the tyrant king of the Winterlands, was away for months visiting the outlying kingdoms. Upon his return he found that his seventh wife, Lady Delryne, was pregnant and that she had grown close to Baergkas the Tame, the King’s chief huntsman.

Meanwhile, in the Vendrigoth Wastes, the Lady Delryne’s youngest sister, Fay, a powerful and beautiful wizardess, had joined up with the Cult of Thurr. Thurr was a long-dead harvest god whom the cultists seeked to revive by marrying Fay to his effigy. Jorn, an elder wizard of the Order of Wyrms, sought to murder Thurr so that she could not spread their teachings without the Order’s tutelage.

Back in the Winterlands, Sullon charged Baergkas with slaughtering the Thurr cultists, fearing that the return of the harvest god would give the peasants enough power to rise against him. At the last minute, Thurr decided to embark upon this journey with Thurr. After a heated argument, Sullon accused Baergkas of fucking his wife and charged the young warrior. Baergkas made quick work of the old fat king, mortally wounding him.

Back in the Vendrigoth Wastes, Jorn had successfully infiltrated the cultists’ camp but had attracted the attention of some of the cultists. After murdering several of them, the cultists agreed to bring Fay back into the custody of Jorn, under the condition that he provide a new virgin to marry to Thurr.


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